**** PLEASE READ****  We are now engraving our items, and slowly updating the website photos to reflect this.  Some items will still be stamped but on the whole items will be engraved.  Still in the same style as shown, the major difference will be that the text IS NOT blacked out


Purveyors of Hand Made, Personalised, Hand Stamped  & Engraved Gifts
We have various items perfect for wedding gifts and favours. 

Our popular tie clips along with cufflinks, money clips, and bottle openers, fab gifts for the groom, best man ushers and groomsmen, not forgetting the father of both the bride and groom. We have Bridesmaid gifts and mums too.


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7 working days*



Please don't hesitate to contact us here if you would like a custom order.

The majority of our items can be personalised to your specifications and we will work with you to give you the best design and service that we can.





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*We usually only need 3-5 working days to complete orders, although we do hope to dispatch sooner however at busy times this can change, and we may need a few days more -  we will update our current process time at the top of this page.

 some items such as cuff links and compact mirrors will need 5 working days before dispatch due to the nature of waiting for the componants to set. At busy times this may extend to 7 working days.


We stamp and engrave everything to order. We do not have any of our non personalised items 'in stock' we create everything for each order as we receive it.


When stamping, we strive to keep the letters as straight as possible
Any quirks and irregularities are part of the process, letters may not line up evenly and spacing can vary so can the depth of each letter.
These are not considered defects. Rather they add to the charm of each piece. When you receive your item, there will be no other quite the same, truly one of a kind, as no two pieces are ever exactly the same, yours will be totally unique to you..

 * * *

Our item photographs give an idea of what we can do  although there may be times that we may have to use a different font from that shown to make your wording fit the item or rearrange text for a pleasing look. 
If we feel your message text is too long we will contact you and offer an alternative arrangement of the wording or ask if you can edit your message down.
Please ensure you tell us the correct message at the time of ordering and that all spellings are correct

 * * *

The aluminium we use is hypoallergenic, it will not rust.

        * * *

Our copper is pure copper and will oxidise, over time it will become darker, so too will our brass items. We have given them a coating of renaissance wax, to prolong the process. Long exposure to perfumes, hairspray, lotions, chemicals and even sweat will have an adverse affect on your little wotnot so try to keep these to a minimum.Avoid wearing your wotnot in the spa or swimming pool, chlorine will react and may cause damage. Use a soft cloth to clean and polish your wotnot, do not use abrasive cleaners, a reputable metal cleaner such as Brasso will bring your copper & brass bright and sparkly. Warm soapy water will clean your aluminium piece.

If your little  shiny copper wotnot has had a long journey to get to you then it may need a little polish. 

 Our  shiny copper items are given a coating to help delay the natural process of oxidisation. 

This is when the copper starts to darken and take on a natural patina. 

It is unavoidable, the copper colour will darken and take on a rich hue. We think this gives a warm aged look to our items. It's not a fault but if you want to keep your copper item looking shiny then a quick gentle clean with a reputable metal polish/cleaner such as brasso will soon have it sparkling like new.


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